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At Waverley Distillery we produce the highest quality handcrafted gin from the cleanest Tasmanian products. Our love for the finest & best gin available drives us to produce our small batch Assyrian Rhubarb Gin.

Waverley Distillery brand originates from the property “Waverley” Near Oatlands, which was purchased in 1878 by the impending Premier of Tasmania Sir J.W. Agnew for his son Mr C.S. Agnew.

C.S Agnew’s Great, Great Grandson Michael Agnew and his Wife Fiona are the founders of the Waverley Distillery.

rhubarb gin


Mr C.S. Agnew started a horse stud as part of the Waverley property operations. The horse stud was very successful with a particular horse The Assyrian, purchased after winning the Melbourne Cup in 1882.

The Assyrian is buried today on the property in the paddock where the Rhubarb for the Waverley Gin is grown. The grave stone is erected in the paddock and reflects the rich history of the Agnew family, now instilled into the robust flavours of our Rhubarb Gin. The black with white dots are the distinctive racing colours of Waverley.

the grove cherry gin

cherry gin

the grove

The cherry in this unique gin is grown by Hansen Orchards at Grove in the Huon Valley of Tasmania. Waverley Distillery’s co-founder and head distiller Michael spent many years playing a role at the Hansen’s in the establishment of the cherry orchards that produce the fruit for this gin.

The Grove Cherry Gin has a similar botanical mix to The Assyrian Rhubarb Gin but with the sweeter taste of the luscious Tasmanian cherry with no added sugar. Enjoy with your favourite soda or tonic and it really needs no garnish but go ahead and experiment to your heart’s delight … or have it neat on ice.

twilight sky colour change gin

Colour changing gin


Inspired by our amazing blue and pink sunsets our Twilight Sky colour changing gin is hand crafted in our distillery at Orford on Tasmania’s picturesque East Coast. The magic is Butterfly Pea Flower, so when the gin is served with tonic the colour will change to pink.  It’s very scientific so you need the tonic, but could try a “Sonic” mix for same results (add tonic first).

It’s party time when the Twilight Sky comes out so experiment with cocktails and impress everyone with your party trick gin. Please visit the cocktails page on our website for inspiration.

Sloe Berry Gin

Sloe gin

Sir James

Sir James Agnew was one of Hobart’s most prominent citizens in the
second half of the nineteenth century. As president of the Tasmanian
Racing Club he took an active interest in horse racing. He was
Premier of Tasmania from 1886 to 1887. His existence in Tasmania
coincided with the planting of the Blackthorn bushes from which the
sloes for this gin were picked. Sir James Agnew is the great, great,
great grandfather of the founders of Waverley Distillery.